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Network of Untapped Entrepreneurs

About NUE

Network of Untapped Entrepreneurs (NUE) is an impact investment firm focused on closing the economic wealth gap by supporting BIPOC communities and entrepreneurs with a Shared Platform of critical resources necessary to accelerate the growth of their enterprises.

The Problem

There is a longstanding and persistent wealth gap between White and Black families.

In 2016, the median net worth of the average White household was $171,000 - approximately ten times the net worth of the average Black household ($17,100).

The Problem

Latino household incomes suffer due to the racial wealth gap

In 2020, the Latino population represented 18.7% of the US population (Source: US Census data), yet in 2019 the median wealth of Latino households was only 9% of white households ($14,000 compared to $160,2000) (NCRC).

The Problem

There is a historic household wealth gap between White and Black families

This wealth gap contributes to intergenerational economic instability: almost 70% of middle-class Black children are likely to fall below the middle class as adults.

The Problem

Latino families experience a generational wealth gap

This means that Latinos are generally not able to build generational wealth. In 2019, only 5% of Latinos reported receiving monetary or estate inheritance, compared with 26% of non-Hispanic whites receiving inheritance. (NCRC)

Align with US

We help create, nurture and scale Minority Business Enterprises (MBE’s) globally

NUE has an infrastructure that allows MBE’s to expand their operations incorporating enhanced systems, partnerships and resources. We offer our fully integrated Shared Platform, in order to grow entrepreneurial enterprises.

Let's Collaborate
Our Network

We incorporate emerging technologies, creativity, best practices and our immense network

Our network includes a diverse group of iconic athletes, seasoned investment managers, academics, strategic advisors, and industry experts with strong track records of managing and advising some of the world’s largest asset management firms including but not limited to State Street, BlackRock, and Mubadala.

Our Approach

NUE has a novel approach to this work utilizing lessons from the alternative investment field to create the next great social movement through the lens of wealth creation.

Public-Purpose Private Capital Markets (PPPCMs) are offered as a means of expanding equality through catalytic financial structures such as “Public-Purpose Private Equity Funds”.  Public-Purpose Private Capital Markets are defined as a hybrid between Public-Private Partnerships and Impact Investing that utilizes the merging of strategies, resources, methods, and research from the public, private, and philanthropic sectors for the greater good.

Our Commitment

Our mission is to invest in and sustainably grow the network of untapped entrepreneurs globally in order to support the growth of BIPOC-owned businesses and push the economic growth engine for our communities.

Investing in underestimated founders is more than good business sense, it’s a deeply held conviction that these communities of business owners are the economic growth engine for our communities. We have a commitment to increasing the number of entrepreneurs of color (emphasis on Black and Latinx) participating in the innovation economy as owners, board members, suppliers, and investors.

View Our Solutions

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Our Strategic Partners

We are thought leaders who provide insights that lead to innovative, best-in-class programming.  We advise and mentor entrepreneurs for greater success.